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-A star-shaped conjugated molecule featuring a triazole core and diketopyrrolopyrrole branches is an efficient electron-selective interlayer for inverted polymer solar cellsWei-Jen Chen; Yu-Che Cheng; Da-Wei Kuo; Chin-Ti Chen; Bo-Tau Liu; Ru-Jong Jeng; Rong-Ho Lee; 李榮和
-An imidazolium iodide–containing hyperbranched polymer ionic liquid that improves the performance of dye-sensitized solar cellsLin-Chieh Tseng; Meng Kuo; Rong-Ho Lee; 李榮和-
-Carbon nanotube and graphite oxide surfaces modifiedwith polyethylene oxide for dye-sensitized solar cells-
-Conjugated Polymer-Functionalized Graphite Oxide Sheets Thin Films forEnhanced Photovoltaic Properties of Polymer Solar Cells-
-Enhanced photovoltaic performance of inverted polymer solar cells by incorporating graphene nanosheet/AgNPs nanohybridsYu-An Su; Wei-Chen Lin; Hsing-Ju Wang; Wan-Hua Lee; Rong-Ho Lee; Shenghong A. Dai; Chi-Fa Hsieh; Ru-Jong Jeng
-Enhanced shape memory performance of polyurethanes via the incorporation of organic or inorganic networksChien-Hsin Wu; Shi-Min Shau; Shin-Chih Liu; Shenghong A. Dai; Su-Chen Chen; Rong-Ho Lee; Chi-Fa Hsieh; Ru-Jong Jeng
-Iterative synthesis of monodisperse pendants for making comb-like polyurethanesChien-Hsin Wu; Yu-Ching Chen; Shenghong A. Dai; Su-Chen Chen; Shih-Huang Tung; 李榮和; Rong-Ho Lee; Wen-Chiung Su; Ru-Jong Jeng
-New carbazole-substituted anthracene derivatives based non-dopedblue light-emitting devices with high brightness and efficiency-
-Nonlinear optical hyperbranched polyaspartimide/montmorillonitenanocomposites based on reactive fluorine- orphosphorous-containing organoclays-
-Novel polythiophene derivatives functionalized withconjugated side-chain pendants comprisingtriphenylamine/carbazole moieties for photovoltaic cellapplications†
-Orderly arranged NLO materials on exfoliated layeredtemplates based on dendrons with alternating moietiesat the periphery†
-Peripheral group effects on the photophysical and photovoltaic properties of bulk-heterojunction type solar cells based on star-shaped conjugate molecules with triphenylamine coreYu-Wen Kao; Wan-Hua Lee; Ru-Jong Jeng; Chih-Feng Huang; Jeng Yue Wu; Rong-Ho Lee
-Photovoltaic performance of a N719 dye based dye-sensitized solar cell with transparent macroporous anti-ultraviolet photonic crystal coatingsChang-Yun Cai; Sheng-Kai Tseng; Meng Kuo; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Rong-Ho Lee
-Platinum nanoparticle/self-doping polyaniline compositebasedcounter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells-
-Polythiophenes comprising conjugated pendantstoward long-term air-stable inverted polymer solar cellswith high open circuit voltages
-Star-shaped organic semiconductors with planar triazine core and diketopyrrolopyrrole branches for solution-processed small-molecule organic solar cellsSheng-Yi Shiau; Chun-Ho Chang; Wei-Jen Chen; Hsing-Ju Wang; Ru-Jong Jeng; Rong-Ho Lee
-Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of a seriesof bulk heterojunction solar cells based oninterchain-linked conjugated polymers-
-Synthesis of di(ethylene glycol)-functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole derivative-based side chain-conjugated polymers for bulk heterojunction solar cells李榮和; Rong-Ho Lee; Lun-Cheng Yang; Jeng-Yue Wu; Ru-Jong Jeng-
-Trap and release of bisphenol-A, 2-naphthol, and doxepin using a 1-hexadecylamine-copper(II)-amine functionalized indium-tin-oxide electrodeGuo-RongLin; JohnBiechele-Speziale; Elijah Ernst; Stuart Burris; Eric D.Conte; Wei-Ping Dow; Rong-Ho Lee; Shing-Yi Suen; 孫幸宜
-一系列新型離子液體共聚合物之合成及其在染料敏化太陽能電池之研究Sheng-Kai Tseng; 曾聖凱