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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Accounting Conservatism of Financial Reporting in Taiwan:A Time-series and Cross-sectional AnalysisRuey-Dang Chang; C.J. Fang; Y.C. Tseng; W.H. Shen-
-The Characteristics of Innovation Teams and Diversity of Performance MeasurementY.W. Chang; Ruey-Dang Chang; C.P. Chang-
-(Corporate Ownership and Control,05(4):135-148)The Effects of Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Investment Opportunity Set on Firm PerformanceRuey-Dang Chang; Yeun-Wen Chang; Ching-Ping Chang; Fiona Hu-
-Declaration Effect;Stock Return and Earnings Management:A Study of Private Placement in TaiwanRuey-Dang Chang; Wen-Hua Shen; Yi-Hsiang Huang-
-Earnings Management of the Affiliated Business Groups:The Effect of Whether Being Audited by the Same CPA FirmRuey-Dang Chang; C.J. Fang; Y.C. Tseng-
-Ease of Communication with Supervisors and Auditors' Information Search Behavior:Evidence from TaiwanRuey-Dang Chang; Y.C. Tseng-
-Ease of Communication with Supervisors and Auditors'Information Search BehaviorYee-Chy Tseng; Ruey-Dang Chang-
-The Effect of participation Congruence on the performance measurement systems-using Questionnaire and Archival Data to reduce Common Method VarianceY.W. Chang; Y.C. Chen; Ruey-Dang Chang; C.P. Chang-
-The Effect of Participative Budgeting Congruence on Individual Performance and Corporate PerformanceY.W. Chang; Ruey-Dang Chang; Y.C. Chen; C.P. Chang; S.C. Wu-
-The Effects of Audit Quality on Information Risk:Perspectives of Auditors' Brand Name,Tenure and Industry SpecializationW. H. Shen; Ruey-Dang Chang-
-The Effects of Integration and Responsiveness of MNC Subsidiaries on the Characteristics and Performance of Management Accounting Information SystemsY.W. Chang; Ruey-Dang Chang-
-The Effects of Market Share and Market Competition on Audit Quality:Empirical Evidence from TaiwanRuey-Dang Chang; C.J. Fang; Y.C. Tseng-
-The Effects of Performance Measurement Diversity and Participation Congruence on Organizational PerformanceY.W. Chang; Ruey-Dang Chang; C.P. Chang-
-The Effects of Recognition in Performance Measurement Systems on TQM and Firm PerformanceY.W. Chang; H.I. Lee; Ruey-Dang Chang; R.T. Wei; M.J. Hsieh-
-The Effects of the Information Disclosure and Evaluation System on Analysts' ForecastsC.J. Fang; Ruey-Dang Chang; Y.C. Tseng-
-The Effects of User Participation and Financial Incentives on the Performance of Accounting Information Systems:An ExperimentRuey-Dang Chang; Yeun-Wen Chang; Yee-Chy Tseng-
-The Effects of User Participation,Financial Incentives and Top Management Support on the Performance of Accounting Information SystemsRuey-Dang Chang; Y.W. Chang
-How Leadership Style Perception Influences Subordinates' Job Satisfaction Through Task Characteristics PerceptionY.C. Tseng; C. J. Fang; Ruey-Dang Chang-
-Implementing a Management-directed Information SystemsPaper,D.; Ruey-Dang Chang; S. Simon; W. Wok-
-( Information & Management,40(7):691-703)The Effect of Task Uncertainty,Decentralization, and AIS Characteristics on the Performance of AIS:An Empirical Case in TaiwanRuey-Dang Chang; Yeun-Wen Chang; David Paper