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-(19th IPVS Congress,p003-p042)The Down-regulation of MHC Molecule of Monocytic Cells after Classical Swine Fever Virus InfectionC. S. Wang; S. C. Chen; N. J. Yu; M. S. Chien; C. C. Lin; W. C. Lee-
-(Appl. Spectrosc., 55:399-406)Development of Electrode-less Plating Method for Silver Film Preparations for Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption MeasurementsJ. Yang; S. C. Chen
-(Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology,150(2):157-170)Immobilization of Escherichia coli novablue γ-glutamyltranspeptidase in Ca-alginate-κ-carrageenan beadsC. P. Hung; H. F. Lo; W. H. Hsu; S. C. Chen; L. L. Lin-
-(Bot. Bull. Acad. Sinica., 36: 195-200)Purification and properties of an extracellular a-amylase from Thermus spShaw. J. F.; F. P. Lin; S. C. Chen; H. C. Chen
-(European Journal of Operational Research,175:707-721)A Hybrid Metaheuristic for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemL. Y. Tseng; S. C. Chen
-The Fate of Some Heavy Metals at a Waste Metal Treatment Site in TaiwanS. C. Chen; J. H. Tzeng; S. Wang; M. H. Yang-
-Integrating spatial, temporal, and size probabilities for the annual landslide hazard maps in the Shihmen watershed, Taiwan-
-(Journal of Chromatography A,996(1-2):053-070)Analysis of protein adsorption on regenerated cellulose-based immobilized copper ion affinity membranesC. Y. Wu; S. Y. Suen; S. C. Chen; J. H. Tzeng-
-(RAIRO-Operations Research,38(3):227-241)Maximum Likelihood Estimates and Confidence Intervals of an M/M/R/N Queue with Balking and Heterogeneous ServersK. H. Wang; S. C. Chen; J. C. Ke
-(Taiwan Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry 2003 Spring Symposia,p018)Modulation of Phenotype and Function of Monocyte-Derived Macrophages Fallowing Infection with Classical Swine Fever VirusS. C. Chen; C. S. Wang; M. S. Chien; C. C. Lin; W. C. Lee-
-A Two-Phase Genetic Local Search Algorithm for the Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemL. Y. Tseng; S. C. Chen-
-利用粒子群體最佳化法解資源有限之專案規劃問題L. Y. Tseng; S. C. Chen-
-維映射之混沌現象錢滄海; T. H. Chyan; 陳樹群; S. C. Chen