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-(Mol Genet Genomics., 274(4): 337-345)A fine physical map of the rice chromosome 5Cheng C. H.; M. C. Chung; S. M. Liu; S. K. Chen; F. Y. Kao; S. J. Lin; S. H. Hsiao; I. C. Tseng; Y. I. Hsing; H. P. Wu; C. S. Chen; J. F. Shaw; J. Wu; T. Matsumoto; T. Sasaki; H. H.Chen; T. Y.Chow
-(Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids: Pathophysiology and Roles in Clinical Medicine, p127-p144)Modulation of tissue fatty acid composition, prostaglandin production and cholesterol levels by dietary manipulation of n-3 and n-6 essential fatty acid metabolitesY. S. Huang; V. A. Ziboh; S. J. Lin; P. C. Huang-