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-(Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab.,295(1):E117-129)Orexin-A modulates glutamatergic NMDA-dependent spinal reflex potentiation via inhibition of NR2B subunitH. Y. Peng; H. M. Chang; S. Y. Chang; K. C. Tung; S. D. Lee; D. Chou; C. Y. Lai; C. H. Chiu; G. D. Chen; T. B. Lin
-(Applied Physics Letters, 85:4196-4198)High-sensitivity microwave vector detection at extremely low-power levels for low-dimensional electron systemsW. H. Hsieh; Y. W. Suen; S. Y. Chang; L. C. Li; C. H. Kuan; B. C. Lee; C. P. Lee