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-Dihexadecylammonium hydroxide admicelles on silica for the preconcentration of selected phenolsG. L. Chen; S. Y. Suen; S. Vied; K. Pickering; C. Perrin; E. D. Conte-
-(Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,39(2):478-487)Effects of spacer arms on cibacron blue 3GA immobilization and lysozyme adsorption using regenerated cellulose membrane discsS. Y. Suen; S. Y. Lin; H. C. Chiu-
-(Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,40(3):854-861)Breakthrough curve performance using plate-and-frame affinity-membrane modulesY. D. Tsai; S. Y. Suen-
-Inorganic-organic hybrid anion-exchange membranes as adsorbents for dye removalH. C. Chiu; C. H. Liu; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology,65(3):249-257)A comparison of isotherm and kinetic models for binary-solute adsorption to affinity membranesS. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology,70(3):278-286)An isotherm model describing concave-down Scatchard curve for heterogeneous affinity adsorptionS. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Chromatography A,996(1-2):053-070)Analysis of protein adsorption on regenerated cellulose-based immobilized copper ion affinity membranesC. Y. Wu; S. Y. Suen; S. C. Chen; J. H. Tzeng-
-(Journal of Chromatography B,794(1):067-076)Purification of penicillin G acylase using immobilized metal affinity membranesY. C. Liu; C. C. Chang Chien; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Chromatography B,797(1-2):305-319)Exploiting immobilized metal affinity membranes for the isolation or purification of therapeutically relevant speciesS. Y. Suen; Y. C. Liu; C. S. Chang-
-(Journal of Chromatography B,840(2):076-084)Purification of VP3 protein of infectious bursal disease virus using nickel ion-immobilized regenerated cellulose-based membranesH. L. Hu; M. Y. Wang; C. H. Chung; S. Y. Suen
-(Journal of Chromatography B:Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences,766(1):133-143)Purification of hepatocyte growth factor using polyvinyldiene fluoride-based immobilized metal affinity membranes: equilibrium adsorption studyY. H. Tsai; M. Y. Wang; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 23(2):223-239)Comparison of lysozyme adsorption to immobilized cibacron blue 3GA using various membrane supportsS. Y. Suen; R. L. Chen; Y. D. Tsai-
-(Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies,26(17):2941-2960)Adsorption separation for the extracts from Ginkgo Biloba leaves using intermediate polarity resinsS. M. Lai; R. L. Chen; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Membrane Science, 251(1-2):201-207)Effects of spacer arm on penicillin G acylase purification using immobilized metal affinity membranesY. C. Liu; S. Y. Suen; C. W. Huang; C. C. Chang Chien-
-(Journal of Membrane Science,204(1-2):037-051)Protein separation using plate-and-frame modules with ion-exchange membranesS. Y. Lin; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Membrane Science,233(1-2):161-167)Effect of alcohol on purification of plasmid DNA using ion-exchange membraneW. C. Tseng; F. L. Ho; T. Y. Fang; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Membrane Science,275(1-2):070-081)Modification of porous alumina membranes with n-alkanoic acids and their application in protein adsorptionC. S. Chang; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Membrane Science,290(1-2):259-266)Isolation of lysozyme from hen egg albumen using glass fiber-based cation-exchange membranesH. C. Chiu; C. W. Lin; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Membrane Science,305(1-2):125-135)Protein adsorption separation using glass fiber membranes modified with short-chain organosilicon derivativesY. S. Chen; C. S. Chang; S. Y. Suen-
-(Journal of Membrane Science,309(1-2):239-245)Removal of cationic dye methyl violet 2B from water by cation exchange membranesJ. S. Wu; C. H. Liu; K. H. Chu; S. Y. Suen-