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-Characterization and host range of five tumorigenicAgrobacterium tumefaciens strains and possible applicationin plant transient transformation assays-
-(Chemosphere, 74(3):395-403)Residences with Anomalous Soil Concentrations of Dioxin-Like Compounds in Two Communities in Michigan, USA: A Case ReportFranzblau, A.; Demond A.; Towey T.; P. Adriaens; S.-C. Chang; W. Luksemburg; M. Maier; D. Garabrant; B. Gillespie; J Lepkowski; C.-W. Chang; Q. Chen; B. Hong
-Principal components and clustrer analysis of household dust concentrations of PCDDs, PCDFs, and PCBs from a community in Michigan, USAZwica, L.; S.-C. Chang; Towey, T.; Knutson, K.; Adriaens, P.; Demond, A.; Q. Chen; Gillespie, B.W.; Franzblau, A.; Garabrant, D.