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-Description of Luteimonas pelagia sp. nov., isolated from marine sediment, and emendation of Luteimonas aquatica, Luteimonas composti, Luteimonas mephitis, Lysobacter enzymogenes subsp. enzymogenes and Lysobacter panaciterraeLin, Shih-Yao; Hameed, Asif; Shahina, Mariyam; Liu, You-Cheng; Hsu, Yi-Han; Wen, Cheng-Zhe; Young, Chiu-Chung
-Description of Niveispirillum fermenti gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from a fermentor in Taiwan, transfer of Azospirillum irakense (1989) as Niveispirillum irakense comb. nov., and reclassification of Azospirillum amazonense (1983) as Nitrospirillum amazonense gen. novLin, Shih-Yao; Hameed, Asif; Shen, Fo-Ting; Liu, You-Cheng; Hsu, Yi-Han; Shahina, Mariyam; Lai, Wei-An; Young, Chiu-Chung-
-Idiomarina tyrosinivorans sp. nov., isolated from estuarine surface waterHameed, Asif; Lin, Shih-Yao; Lai, Wei-An; Shahina, Mariyam; Liu, You-Cheng; Hsu, Yi-Han; Young, Chiu-Chung-
-Oricola cellulosilytica gen. nov., sp. nov., a cellulose-degrading bacterium of the family Phyllobacteriaceae isolated from surface seashore water, and emended descriptions of Mesorhizobium loti and Phyllobacterium myrsinacearumHameed, Asif; Shahina, Mariyam; Lai, Wei-An; Lin, Shih-Yao; Young, Li-Sen; Liu, You-Cheng; Hsu, Yi-Han; Young, Chiu-Chung-