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-Cellular Reactions to Physical Signals: Laser and Nanometric Scale江郁霖; Chiang, Yu-Lin-
-Dynamic endothelial cell seeding, culture and physical stimulation for poly(carbonate)urethane small-diameter vascular graftsTsai, Yi-Jing; 蔡易瑾-
-The effect of ultrasound and dynamic conditions on the neocartilage formation in tissue-engineering scaffolds郭霽慶; Kuo, Chi-Ching-
-Endothelial cell seeding on small diameter vascular grafts with modified inner surfacesSung, Song-huan; 孫崧桓-
-Evaluation of the alginate culture system for chondrogenesis of human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells and assessment of the rotational speed for the novel bioreactor vesselLee, Ying-Ying-Yi; 李盈誼-
-Fabrication and Evaluation of Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds for Chondrocyte Seeding湯正明; Tang, Cheng-ming-
-Fabrication of bioactive conduitscontaining the fibroblast growth factor 1and neural stem cells for peripheral nerveregeneration across a 15 mm critical gap-
-Orientation and Expression for Neurotrophic Factors of Schwann Cells on Laminin-Coated Microgrooved Surfaces呂柏陞; Lu, Po-seng-
-Regulation of endothelial cell behaviors on nanophase-separated of poly(carbonate urethanes) and evaluation of this material as the substrate for small-diameter vascular grafts趙啟南; Chao, Chi-Nan-
-The Study of Poly(a-hydroxy) esters Scaffolds Modified by Type II Collagen for Cartilage Repair章世豪; Chang, Shih-hao-
-人工小血管用之聚胺酯之合成及其生物相容性測試曾向榮; Tseng, Hsiang-jung-
-以大氣電漿處理聚乳酸-甘醇酸生醫材料對軟骨細胞行為之影響周祐靚; Chou, Yu-Ching-
-內皮細胞在不同粒徑奈米銀-聚胺酯複合材料上之行為評估陳培陽; Chen, Pei-Yang-
-凝膠與薄膜用於腹腔手術後抗沾黏的評估馬焜山; Ma, Kuen-Shan-
-利用脂肪幹細胞植入褐藻膠/奈米陶瓷複合材料結合可降解精密支架於軟骨組織工程之研究翁愫霙; Wong, Su-Ying-
-含高濃度奈米銀粒子的脫層黏土之抗菌能力分析洪達任; Hung, Ta-Jen-
-周邊神經修復之奈米生醫材料研發湯正明; Tang, Cheng-Ming-
-大氣電漿與RGD蛋白質在軟骨組織工程之效用評估楊偉兆; Yang, Wei-Chao-
-幾丁聚醣與幾丁質不織布敷料之傷口修復功能性測試王淑樺; Wang, Shu-hua-
-引朵美洒辛誘導人類神經膠質瘤細胞凋亡的探討陳盈妘; Chen, Ying-Yun-