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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Asia. Pacific Biotech. News, 06: 740-741)Rice genome and biotechnology research in TaiwanShaw, J. F.
-(B. J. Kaoshing Teacher's College, 08: 057-087) The role of hydrophobic amino acids in the regulation of lysine sensitive apartokinase of E. coliShaw, J. F.-
-(Biochem. Biophys. Acta., 422: 302-308)Conformations of lysine sensitive aspartokinaseShaw, J. F.; W. G. Smith
-(Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 225: 697-700)Characterization of the ferrous ion binding sites of apple 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase by site-directed mutagenesisShaw, J. F.; Y. S. Chou; R. C. Chang; S. F. Yang
-(Biochem. J., 298: 675-680)Nucleotide Sequence of a novel arylesterase gene from Vibrio mimicus and characterization of the enzyme expressed in E. coliShaw, J. F.; R.C. Chang; Y. T. Yen; F. F. Wang; Y. J. Wang-
-(Bioindustry, 07: 029-035)New development of enzyme technology and protein engineeringShaw, J. F.-
-(Biosci. Biotech. Biochem., 56: 1071-1073)Production of high-maltose syrup and high-protein flour from rice by enzymatic methodShaw, J. F.; R. Sheu-
-(Biosci. Biotech. Biochem., 58: 028-031)Isozymes of bighead shrimp alkaline phosphatase. BiosciShaw, J. F.; W. C. Chen-
-(Biotechnol. Bioeng., 29: 648-651)Preparation of various glucose esters via lipase-catalyzed hydrolyses of glucose pentacetateShaw, J. F.; A. M. Klibanov
-(Biotechnol. Bioeng., 35: 132-137)Lipolytic activities of lipase immobilized on six support materialsShaw, J. F.; R. C. Chang; F. F. Wang; Y. J. Wang-
-(Biotechnol. Letters., 11: 779-784)Characterization of three distinct forms of lipolytic enzyme in a commericial Candida lipaseShaw, J. F.; C. H. Chang; Y. J. Wang-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 23: 045-061)Studies on α-amylase from the germinted rice seedsShaw, J. F.; L. Y. Chuang-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 25: 045-057)Regulation and properties of rice aspartokinaseShaw, J. F.; C. Y. Ku-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 25: 197-204)Simultaneous purification and some different properties of α- and β-amylase from germinated rice seedsShaw, J. F.; T. M. Ou-Lee-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 27: 077-084)Molecular and Kinetic properties of rice ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylaseShaw, J. F.; S. Y. Hsieh-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 28: 131-138)Kinetics of papain immobilized on chitosan by multiple point attachmentShaw, J. F.; R. C. Chang; Y. J. Wang-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 29: 101-107)The effect of chemical modification and additives on the stabilities of A. niger lipaseShaw, J. F.; C. H. Chang-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 30: 090-095)Influence of pH on the inactivation kinetics of isoamylaseShaw, J. F.; R. S. Pan; W. H. Hsu-
-(Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica., 32: 259-263)Isozymes of papaya polyphenol oxidaseShaw, J. F.; L.C. Chao; M.H. Chen-
-(Bull. Inst. Zool. Academia Sinica., 24: 297-302)Alkaline phosphatase from intestines of fishes of TaiwanShaw, J. F.; H. H. Chu-