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-Arabidopsis ENDO2: Its Catalytic Role and Requirement of N-Glycosylation for FunctionKo, Chia-Yun; Lai, Yi-Ling; Liu, Wen-Yu; Lin, Chia-Hui; Chen, Yu-Ting; Long-Fang, O.Chen; Lin, Tsai-Yun; Shaw, Jei-Fu-
-Functional Proteomic Analysis of Rice Bran Esterases/Lipases and Characterization of a Novel Recombinant EsteraseChuang, Hsu-Han; Chen, Po-Ting; Wang, Wun-Nai; Chen, Yu-Ting; Shaw, Jei-Fu-
-Integrated process for the purification and immobilization of recombinant trehalose synthase for trehalose productionWu, Tsung-Ta; Lin, Sung-Chyr; Shaw, Jei-Fu-
-Novel Highly Active Recombinant Glutaredoxin from Chlorella sorokiniana T-89Chuang, Hsu-Han; Cheng, Chu-Ying; Chen, Yu-Ting; Shaw, Jei-Fu-