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-Combined association rules for dealing with missing valuesShen, J.J.; 沈肇基; Chang, C.C.; Li, Y.C.-
-A data mining approach to database compressionLee, C.F.; 沈肇基; Changchien, S.W.; Wang, W.T.; Shen, J.J.-
-A Petri-Net based modeling approach to concurrent software engineering tasksShen, J.J.; 沈肇基; Changchien, S.W.; Lin, T.Y.-
-Recover the tampered image based on VQ indexingYang, C.W.; 沈肇基; Shen, J.J.-
-A robust associative watermarking technique based on similarity diagramsShen, J.J.; 沈肇基; Hsu, P.W.-
-A robust associative watermarking technique based on vector quantizationShen, J.J.; 沈肇基; Ren, J.M.-
-A secure LITESET schemeShen, J.J.; 沈肇基; Lin, I.C.; Hwang, M.S.; 林詠章-
-Security enhancement for the timestamp-based password authentication scheme using smart cardsShen, J.J.; 沈肇基; Lin, C.W.; Hwang, M.S.-