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-Ameliorative effects of Vaccaria segetalis extract on osteopenia in ovariectomized ratsShih, C.C.; Lin, C.H.; Lin, W.L.-
-Antioxidant properties of Glossogyne tenuifoliaYang, J.H.; 毛正倫; Tsai, S.Y.; Han, C.M.; Shih, C.C.; Mau, J.L.-
-The complete mitochondrial genome of the Formosan black bear (Ursus thibetanus formosanus)Tsai, C.L.; Chou, Y.C.; Shih, C.C.; Cheng, H.C.; Yang, C.C.; Kao, H.W.-
-Effects of Momordica charantia on insulin resistance and visceral obesity in mice on high-fat dietShih, C.C.; Lin, C.H.; Lin, W.L.-
-The essential oil of Glossogyne tenuifoliaChyau, C.C.; 毛正倫; Tsai, S.Y.; Yang, J.H.; Weng, C.C.; Han, C.M.; Shih, C.C.; Mau, J.L.-
-Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype Replacement, Taiwan, 2009-2010Chen, Y.Y.; 杜武俊; Fan, Y.C.; Tu, W.C.; Chang, R.Y.; Shih, C.C.; Lu, I.H.; Chien, M.S.; Lee, W.C.; Chen, T.H.; Chang, G.J.; Chiou, S.S.; 邱賢松-
-Serial increase of IL-12 response and human leukocyte antigen-DR expression in severe sepsis survivorsWu, H.P.; Shih, C.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Hua, C.C.; Chuang, D.Y.-