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-Adsorption coefficients of organic compounds to activated carbon from water: Can we understand the sorption isotherms and estimate these via linear solvation energy relationships?Gschwend, P.M.; Shih, Y.H.-
-Adsorption of selected volatile organic vapors on multiwall carbon nanotubesShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Li, M.S.-
-Black carbon in the environment: How should we model its sorption of hydrophobic organic compounds?Gschwend, P.M.; Accardi-Dey, A.; Adams, R.; Flores, X.; Kuo, D.; Lohmann, R.; Ortega-Calvo, J.J.; Shih, Y.H.-
-Chemical reduction of hexabromocyclododecane by zerovalent iron nanoparticlesTso, C.P.; Shih, Y.H.; Lin, C.F.-
-Dechlorination of hexachlorobenzene by using nanoscale Fe and nanoscale Pd/Fe bimetallic particlesShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Chen, Y.C.; Chen, M.Y.; Tai, Y.T.; Tso, C.P.-
-Distinctive sorption mechanisms of soil organic matter and mineral components as elucidated by organic vapor uptake kineticsShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Wu, S.C.-
-Effect of cations on the reduction of pentachlorophenol by zerovalent bimetallic nanoparticlesSu, Y.F.; Chen, M.Y.; Shih, Y.H.-
-ENVR 141-Chemical reduction of pentachlorophenol by nanoscale zero-valent ironChen, M.Y.; Shih, Y.H.-
-ENVR 142-Linear solvation energy relationship applied to quantify the sorption role of selected volatile organic chemicals on carbon multiwall nanotubesLi, M.S.; Shih, Y.H.-
-ENVR 143-Sorption of selected volatile organic contaminants into black carbon in waterSu, P.H.; Shih, Y.H.-
-ENVR 32-Photolytic dehalogenation of decabromodiphenyl etherWang, C.K.; Shih, Y.H.-
-Evaluating Activated Carbon-Water Sorption Coefficients of Organic Compounds Using a Linear Solvation Energy Relationship Approach and Sorbate Chemical ActivitiesShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Gschwend, P.M.-
-Evaluation of the Antiangiogenic Effect of Kringle 1-5 in a Rat Glioma ModelLin, Y.L.; Tsai, M.J.; Lo, M.J.; Chang, S.E.; Shih, Y.H.; Lee, M.J.; Kuo, H.S.; Kuo, W.C.; Huang, W.C.; Cheng, H.; Huang, M.C.-
-Ganoderma multipileum, the correct name for 'G. lucidum' in tropical AsiaWang, D.M.; Wu, S.H.; Su, C.H.; Peng, J.T.; Shih, Y.H.; Chen, L.C.-
-Kinetics of toluene sorption and desorption in Ca- and Cu-montmorillonites investigated with fourier transform infrared spectroscopy under two different levels of humidityShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Wu, S.C.-
-Microbial degradation of 4-monobrominated diphenyl ether in an aerobic sludge and the DGGE analysis of diversityChen, C.Y.; Wang, C.K.; Shih, Y.H.-
-Microbial degradation of 4-monobrominated diphenyl ether with anaerobic sludgeShih, Y.H.; Chou, H.L.; Peng, Y.H.-
-Molecular dynamic simulations of the sorption of toluene in a dry humic acid model: A preliminary studyShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Lin, J.S.; Wu, S.C.; Lee, L.-
-Pentachlorophenol reduction by Pd/Fe bimetallic nanoparticles: Effects of copper, nickel, and ferric cationsShih, Y.H.; Chen, M.Y.; Su, Y.F.-
-Photolytic degradation of polybromodiphenyl ethers under UV-lamp and solar irradiationsShih, Y.H.; 施養信; Wang, C.K.-