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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Clinical outcome in dogs with cutaneous mast cell tumors treated with neoadjuvant prednisolone and surgical excisionHui-Ju Wang; 王慧如
-Correlation between molecular phenotypes,chemotherapy response and prognosis in canine malignant mammary tumorsLi-Ren Wang; 王俐人
-The correlation of molecular phenotypes, chemotherapy response, and prognosis in cats with mammary carcinomasTi-Yun Lo; 羅禔芸
-Detection of MAGE-A in Normal Canine Tissues by Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain ReactionYen-Hao Lai; 賴彥豪
-Expression of EBV-encoded oncogenes and EBV-like virions 1 in multiple canine tumors-
-Expression of EBV-encoded oncogenes and EBV-like virions in multiple canine tumors-
-Expression of MAGE-A in canine testicular, oral and round cell tumorsYi-Sheng Chang; 張義聖
-Expression of MAGE-A restricted to testis and ovary or tovarious cancers in dogs-
-Expression of reduced folate carrier in normal canine tissues and lymphomasChun-Yuan Huang; 黃俊元
-Melanoma antigen-A在犬正常及間質來源腫瘤組織的表現陳音竹; Chen, Yin-Chu-
-mTOR信號傳遞路徑在犬貓軟組織及骨頭肉瘤的表現蕭慧貞; Hsiao, Hui-Chen-
-以乳鐵蛋白輔助治療貓淋巴球漿細胞性口炎洪一平; Hung, Yi-Ping
-以冷光化學免疫試驗偵測各種腫瘤患犬之α型胎兒蛋白受體血清量莊正瑋; Chuang, Cheng-Wei
-偵測分化抗原在犬口腔黑色素瘤的表現及架構一個Melan-A表現質體熊祐興; Hsiung, Yu-Hsing-
-副痘病毒在鼻咽癌及犬乳腺腫瘤細胞的溶瘤角色鄭茜尹; Chien-I Cheng
-台灣中部地區犬子宮蓄膿症之大腸桿菌分離株其毒力基因及抗藥性分析陳柏都; CHEN, PO-TU-
-台灣柑橘潰瘍病菌果膠分解酵素基因之表現與功能分析暨基因體分析張世杰; Shih-Chieh Chang
-基質金屬蛋白酵素2及9在罹患淋巴瘤犬隻血清中的濃度改變許如瑩; Hsu, Ju-Ying-
-影響多中心型淋巴瘤患犬在治療後長期存活之因子之回溯研究廖志杰; Chih-Chieh Liao
-惡性黑色素瘤患犬COX-2在不同解剖位置的表現與預後之相關鴻智博; Jih-Bow Hong