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-(International Conference on Optics and Photonics and Photonics,pSat-S49-03)The influence of hydrogen dilution ratios on the protocrystalline silicon/amorphous silicon multilayers solar cellsShih-Chieh Lin; Yeu-Long Jiang; Tai-Chao Kuo; Chia-Chou Chang-
-苗栗縣山坡地住宅社區開發保育利用問題與對策林士傑; Shih-Chieh Lin; 鄭皆達; 賴典佑; 楊浦齡; J. D. Cheng; Tien-Yu Lai; Pu-Lin Yuang
-買全球賣全球之跨境電商經營模式分析Shih-Chieh Lin; 林世杰