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-Adaptive strategies of soil and water conservation for the watershed vulnerability to sediment disaster in response to climate change何世華; Shih-Hua Ho
-Delineation and Application of Disaster Prevention Map – A Case Study of Beitun Dist. Taichung City羅德忠; 何世華; Te-Chung Lo; Shih-Hua Ho
-Evaluation of Priority Order for The Landslide Treatment Using Biodiversity Index in A Watershed陳添水; 林政侑; 何世華; 林昭遠; 楊耀隆; Tien-Shui Chen; Cheng-Yu Lin; Shih-Hua Ho; Chao-Yuan Lin; Yaw-Long Yang
-旗山溪莫拉克颱風土砂災害河段清疏區位優選之研究Young-Chen-Chang; Shih-Hua Ho; Chao-Yuan Lin; 張永誠; 何世華; 林昭遠
-農村社區道路邊坡埤塘之空間營造Su-Feng Hsiao; Shih-Hua Ho; Wen-Cheng Huang; 蕭素鳳; 何世華; 黃文政