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-Analysis on the Seed Germination and Coverage of different vegetation materials tested at laboratory and field Hydroseeding in the field and indoor.巫清志; 張瑋珈; 林信輝; Chine-Hung Wu; Wei-Chia Chang; Shin-Hwei Lin
-Benefit Evaluation of Hydroseeding with Mixed Substrates in Medium Altitude Area.吳建德; Jian-De Wu
-Combining GBIF and MaxEnt to Predict the Suitable Habitat of Alnus formosanaChing-An Chiu; Hsien-Sheng Hsu; Shin-Hwei Lin; 邱清安; 徐憲生; 林信輝
-EcologicalHabitat Benefit Analysison the Eco-Pond of Ailan Interchangein No.6 Freeway葉姿莉; 林信輝; Tzu-Li Yeh; Shin-Hwei Lin
-The effect of daily periodical variation of water level on the growth of Salix wauburgii in Ming Hu Reservoir陳慶協; Chen, Ching-Hsieh-
-The Growth and Root Strength of Lagerstroemia subcostata Vegetation StakeShin-Hwei Lin; 楊宏達; Hung-Ta Yang; Yi-Chang Chen; 陳意昌; 林信輝
-Impacts of Alien Plant Species on Plant Succession of Re-vegetating Landslide Area張瑜芳; Yu-Fang Chang
-Integrated Assessment of Habitat Attributes and Species In Freeway Facilities - A Case Study on the Ecopond of Ailan Interchange葉姿莉; Tzu-Li Yeh
-Integrated Assessment of Revetment Type and Vegetation Association in River Remediation Area劉佳勝; Jia-Sheng Liou
-Investigation and Study on Safety Assessment of Geological Sensitive Areas -A Landslides of Geological Sensitive Areas at Nantou City as an Example.張函儒; Han-Ju Chang
-The Physicochemical Property of Different Vegetation Materials with Cement and Mushroom Waste Compost for HydroseedingShin-Hwei Lin; Zing-Yihn Shia; Cing-Jhih Wu; Yi-Chang Chen; 林信輝; 謝政諺; 巫清志; 陳意昌
-Polisoil Effects on Soil Conservation and Seed Germination莊皓雲; Juang, Hua-Yun-
-Responses of windbreak plants to water stressShin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝
-Service Quality Evaluate with Counseling teams for Sustainable Rural RegenerationChun-Hsien Lai; Shin-Hwei Lin; Jsi-Way Wang; 賴純絃; 林信輝; 王智緯
-Stream Water Quality Assessment with Family-Level Biotic Index of Aquatic InsectShih-chang Chang; 張世倉; Hsun-Hwang Lee; Ming-Ju Lee; Shin-Hwei Lin; 李訓煌; 李明儒; 林信輝
-Study on the Correlation between Vegetation in the Characteristic of Landscape Structure and Avian Population in the watershed -in case of Shang-an Watershed-Cheng, I-Jie; 程怡婕-
-Study on the Drought Stress and Root Strength Characteristics of Thorny Bambo in Mudstone Area,Southwest Taiwan高齊治; Ko, Chu-Chi-
-A Study on the Evaluation Framework of Taichung City Parks Development OrderChi-Hao Chang; Shin-Hwei Lin; 張集豪; 林信輝
-Study on the Net Corrosion and Roxburgh Sumac Growth Assessment in Hydroseeding Areas黃保嚴; Pao-Yen Hwang
-Study on the Vegetation Analysis and Flow Resistance of Riparian ZoneWang, Kei-Li; 王凱立-