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-Calcium and calcium-dependent protein kinase are involved in the hydrogen peroxide-induced development of freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis.Chih-Wen Yu; I-Fang Yeh; Shu-Hsien Hung; Chin-Ho Lin
-Development of functional transgenic tomato with hypotriglyceridemic action.Chih-Wen Yu; Jen-Chun Cheng; Ching-Fu Yang; Shih-Hsien Ku; Yu-kai Shieh; Shu-Hsien Hung; Jung-Kang Jin; Chin-Ho Lin; Wen-Hwei Hsu
-Double hydrogen peroxide treatment induced a chilling tolerance response in mung bean seedlings equivalent to cold acclimation.Shu-Hsien Hung; Yi-Fang Yeh; Hui-Ming Chiu; Chun-Chi Wang; Chin-Wen Yu; Chin-Ho Lin
-Expression of Aspergillus oryzae leucine aminopeptidase gene in transgenic tomato plants.Shu-Hsien Hung; Jen-Chun Cheng; Wen-Hwei Hsu; Chih-Wen Yu; Chin-Ho Lin
-Repetition of hydrogen peroxide treatment induces a chilling tolerance comparable to cold acclimati.Chih-Wen Yu; Shu-Hsien Hung; Chun-Chi Wang; Sergei Ixanov; Vera Alexieva; Chin-Ho Lin-