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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(2009 International Conference on Complex,Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems,p531-p536)An innovative Internet service for backing up data on personal computer and mobile devicesShuchih Ernest Chang
-(Advances in Web and Network Technologies,and Information Management,p264-p275)Chapter 31 An investigation and conceptual models of podcast marketingShuchih Ernest Chang; Muharrem Cevher
-(Advances in Web and Network Technologies,and Information Management:276-286)A User Study on the Adoption of Location Based ServicesShuchih Ernest Chang; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; Tzong-Ru Lee; Chun-Kuei Liao; Shiau-Ting Wang
-(Behaviour and Information Technology,28(5):471-484)A user study of accessing web applications via voice cellular phone:a model comparison approachShuchih Ernest Chang; Shiou Yu Chen; Yen Hong Liu
-(Expert Systems with Applications,30(4):682-693)Assessing users' product-specific knowledge for personalization in electronic commerceShuchih Ernest Chang; S. Wesley Changchien; Ru Hui Huang
-Exploring privacy and trust for employee monitoringShuchih Ernest Chang; Anne Yenching Liu; Sungmin Lin
-Exploring social networking sites for facilitating multi-channel retailingYu-Teng Jang; Shuchih Ernest Chang; Po-An Chen-
-A framework for comparing replenishment strategies in retailer-supplier partnershipsYing Jiun Hsieh; Lan Ying Huang; Shuchih Ernest Chang-
-(Global Implications of Modern Enterprise Information Systems:Technologies and Applications)Chapter 8:A voice-enabled pervasive Web system with self-optimization capability for supporting enterprise applicationsShuchih Ernest Chang-
-(IEEE ITRE 2005 (Third International Conference on Information Technology:Research and Education),p475-p479)A conceptual model with empirical verification for constructing non-profit organization websitesYu Teng Jang; Shuchih Ernest Chang-
-(Industrial Management & Data Systems,106(3):345-361)Organizational factors to the effectiveness of implementing information security managementShuchih Ernest Chang; Chienta Bruce Ho
-(Information and Software Technology,48(6):424-432)The implementation of a secure and pervasive multimodal Web system architectureShuchih Ernest Chang; Boris Minkin
-Integrated Cloud Storage Architecture for Enhancing Service Reliability, Availability and Scalability蘇文祺; Wen-Chi Su
-(International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems,04(2):054-066)Monitoring enterprise applications and the future of self-healing applicationsShuchih Ernest Chang; Boris Minkin
-(International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC),07(1):117-132)Adoption of Mobile Location-Based Services with ZMETTzong-Ru Lee; Shiou-Yu Chen; Shiau-Ting Wang; Shuchih Ernest Chang
-(International Journal of Mobile Communications,07(3):346-362)Voice enabling mobile financial services with multimodal transformationShuchih Ernest Chang-
-(International Journal of Production Research,45(22):5383-5395)Design and storage cycle time analysis for the automated storage system with a conveyor and a rotary rackYing Jiun Hsieh; Shuchih Ernest Chang; Shui Ching Chang
-(International Journal of Technology Management,38(4):374-391)A virtual enterprise based information system architecture for the tourism industryShuchih Ernest Chang; Ying Chen Chou-
-(International Symposium of 2007 Technology Innovation,Risk Management and Supply Chain Management,p233-p239)Podvertising-A case study of podcasting as an advertising mediumShuchih Ernest Chang; Muharrem Cevher; Pluto Liao; Derek Lin; Mario Liao-
-(International Symposium of 2007 Technology Innovation,Risk Management and Supply Chain Management,p391-p397)Exploring critical factors of multimedia messaging service-A qualitative case study in TaiwanShuchih Ernest Chang; Ying Jiun Hsieh-