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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Can Capital Investment Effect and Asset Growth Effect Explain the cross-sectional Stock Returns in Taiwan陳庭軒; Chen, Ting-Syuan-
-Changes in ownership structure and bank efficiency in Asian developing countries: The role of financial freedomKun-Li Lin; Anh Tuan Doan; Shuh-Chyi Doong
-Comovement of international financial markets: A wavelet analysis on commodity, currency and stock markets文郁承; Wen, Yu-Cheng-
-The factors affecting the forecast accuracy on EPS of stock brokerages-An empirical analysis from the characteristics of company and analystLin, Hung-Wei; 林泓瑋-
-LED產業競爭優勢與策略分析-以A公司為例Ching-Wen Lai; 賴靖玟
-The Liquidity of Stock and Investment Styles鄭凱文; Jheng, Kai-Wen-
-MSCI成分股調整對同產業內的競爭效果與蔓延效果陳人豪; Chen, Jen-Hao-
-Political Connections, Institutional Environments and Firm Performance : Evidence from China Listed FirmsWang, Ying; 汪穎-
-What drives bank efficiency? The interaction of bank income diversification and ownershipAnh-Tuan Doan; Kun-Li Lin; 董澍琦; Shuh-Chyi Doong
-中國上市公司政治關係與權益資金成本Joo-Chyang Lim; 林裕強
-中國上市公司政治關係與股權結構對公司績效之影響謝名傑; Hsieh, Ming-Chieh-
-中國上市公司政治關係與股權結構對公司績效之影響謝名傑; Hsieh, Ming-Chieh-
-台灣上市公司危機與購併事件對同產業內其他公司股價之影響許睿芬; Hsu, Jui-Fen-
-台灣商用運載火箭發射創業的機會與發展評估韓惠美; Huei-Mei Han
-台灣股票市場策略交易之實證研究 -進出場時機與投資組合理論運用黃祈樺; Huang, Chi-Hua-
-台灣首次公開發行公司之市場擇時能力:存活分析之應用謝秉志; Hsieh, Ping-Chih-
-國家因素與產業因素對國際股市報酬的影響之分析─以亞洲新興市場為例莊凱傑; Jhuang, Kai-Jie-
-探討資本結構與政治關係:來自中國的實證研究郭泰佑; Kuo, Tai-Yu-
-探討資本結構與政治關係:來自中國的實證研究郭泰佑; Kuo, Tai-Yu-
-政商關係、政黨輪替和政商關係重組對企業經營影響之研究許綉春; Hsu, Hsiu-Chun-