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-Annihilators of bifix codesLi, Z.Z.; Shyr, H.J.; Tsai, Y.S.-
-Bi-catenation and shuffle product of languagesShyr, H.J.; 喻石生 ; Yu, S.S.-
-Classifications of dense languagesLi, Z.Z.; Shyr, H.J.; Tsai, Y.S.-
-d-Words and d-languagesFan, C.M.; 喻石生 ; Shyr, H.J.; Yu, S.S.-
-Free submonoids in the monoid of languagesShyr, H.J.; Tsai, Y.S.-
-Local languagesShyr, H.J.; Yu, S.S.-
-A note on autodense related languagesFan, C.M.; Huang, C.C.; Shyr, H.J.; Chen, K.H.-
-A note on the free submonoids of the monoid of prefix codesShyr, H.J.; 喻石生 ; Yu, S.S.-
-Regular component splittable languagesShyr, H.J.; Yu, S.S.-
-The single loop representations of regular languagesShyr, H.J.; Yu, S.S.-