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-Ab initio Study of Atomic Hydrogen on ZnO SurfacesSiao, Yu-Jin; Liu, Po-Liang; Wu, Yen-Ting-
-Ab initio study on preferred growth of ZnOLiu, Po-Liang; Siao, Yu-Jin-
-Structural, electronic and energetic properties of GaN[0 0 0 1]/Ga2O3[1 0 0] heterojunctions: A first-principles density functional theory studyLiu, Po-Liang; Siao, Yu-Jin; Wu, Yen-Ting; Wang, Chih-Hao; Chen, Chien-Shun-
-利用第一原理計算探討氧化鋅磊晶薄膜擇優生長機制與特性蕭宇晉; Siao, Yu-Jin-