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-Frontiers in environmental monitoring methods: molecular tools, information technology, and miniaturizationAdriaens, P.; Skerlos, S.J.; S-C. Chang; Khijniak, A.I.; Gruden, C.L.-
-(International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, 54(2-3):105-112)Flow cytometric detection and quantification of mycobacteria in metalworking fluidsS-C. Chang; Rihana, A.; Bahrman, S.; Gruden, C.L.; Khijniak, A.I.; Skerlos, S.J.; Adriaens, P.
-Rapid enumeration of bacteria for microbial stabilization in metalworking fluidsS-C. Chang; Rihana, A.; Gruden, C.L.; Skerlos, S.J.; Adriaens, P.-
-Rapid microbial sensing for environmental health applications using flow cytometryAdriaens, P; Khijniak, A.I.; Gruden, C.L.; S-C. Chang; Skerlos, S.J.-