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-Cosmetic Hydrogen Peroxide Detection Using Nano Bismuth Species Deposited Built-in Three-in-One Screen-Printed Silver ElectrodeChiu, M.H.; Kumar, A.S.; Sornambikai, S.; Chen, P.Y.; Shih, Y.; Zen, J.M.-
-Flow Injection Analysis of Aluminum Chlorohydrate in Antiperspirant Deodorants Using a Built-in Three-in-one Screen-Printed Silver ElectrodeChiu, M.H.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Sornambikai, S.; Zen, J.M.; Shih, Y.-
-Highly selective immobilization of amoxicillin antibiotic on carbon nanotube modified electrodes and its antibacterial activityKumar, A.S.; 曾志明; Sornambikai, S.; Deepika, L.; Zen, J.M.-
-Selective covalent immobilization of catechol on activated carbon electrodesKumar, A.S.; 曾志明; Sornambikai, S.; Gayathri, P.; Zen, J.M.-