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-An Efficient Fitness Function in Genetic Algorithm Classifier for Landuse Recognition on Satellite ImagesYang, Ming-Der; Yang, Yeh-Fen; Su, Tung-Ching; Huang, Kai-Siang
-Application of morphological segmentation to leaking defect detection in sewer pipelinesSu, Tung-Ching; Yang, Ming-Der
-Feature Extraction of Sewer Pipe Defects Using Wavelet Transform and Co-Occurrence MatrixYang, Ming-Der; Su, Tung-Ching; Pan, Nang-Fei; Liu, Pei, 楊明德-
-Landslide-induced levee failure by high concentrated sediment flow - A case of Shan-An levee at Chenyulan River, TaiwanYang, Ming-Der; Lin, Ji-Yuan; Yao, Chia-Yao; Chen, Jen-Yan; Su, Tung-Ching; Jan, Chyan-Deng-
-Morphological segmentation based on edge detection for sewer pipe defects on CCTV imagesSu, Tung-Ching; Yang, Ming-Der; Wua, Tsung-Chiang; Lin, Ji-Yuan-
-Systematic image quality assessment for sewer inspectionYang, Ming-Der; Su, Tung-Ching; Pan, Nang-Fei; Yang, Yeh-Fen-
-半自動污水下水道系統最佳維修規劃蘇東青; Su, Tung-Ching-