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-Microporous 2D indium metal-organic frameworks for selective CO2 capture and their application in the catalytic CO2-cycloaddition of epoxidesLi, Yuan-Han; Wang, Sue-Lein; Su, Yu-Chia; Ko, Bao-Tsan; 柯寶燦; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Lin, Chia-Her
-Synthesis and characterization of trimetallic cobalt, zinc and nickel complexes containing amine-bis(benzotriazole phenolate) ligands: efficient catalysts for coupling of carbon dioxide with epoxidesLi, Chen-Yu; Su, Yu-Chia; Lin, Chia-Her; Huang, Hsi-Ya; Tsai, Chen-Yen; Lee, Ting-Yu; Ko, Bao-Tsan
-應用PIV探討潰壩流撞擊直立方柱前端之馬蹄型渦流特性蘇昱嘉; Su, Yu-Chia