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-2018臺中花博舉辦地環境地形先期調查:利用無人飛行載具與空載光達技術Yu-Shen Hsiao; Bo-Hsien Su; Da-Xian Zhuang; Su-Chin Chen; 蕭宇伸; 蘇柏軒; 莊大賢; 陳樹群
-A Long-Term Vegetation Recovery Estimation for Mt. Jou-Jou Using Multi-Date SPOT 1, 2, and 4 ImagesMing-Der Yang; Su-Chin Chen; 蔡慧萍; Hui Ping Tsai
-Annual landslide risk and effectiveness of risk reduction measures in Shihmen watershed, TaiwanSu-Chin Chen; Chun-Yi Wu; 吳俊毅-
-The Application of Logistic Regression for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in the Jhuoshuei River BasinSu-Chin Chen; 馮智偉; Jhy-Wei Ferng; 陳樹群
-The Approach of Risk Mapping for Natural Hazards黃柏璁; Huang, Bo-Tsung-
-Assessing River Morphology and Torrent Division Point of Main Basins in TaiwanFang-Yi Chu; Chun-Yi Wu; Shiuan-Pei An; Shih-Hsih Lin; Su-Chin Chen; 朱芳儀; 吳俊毅; 安軒霈; 林仕修; 陳樹群
-Channel Planform Dynamics Monitoring and Channel Stability Assessment in Two Sediment-Rich Rivers in TaiwanCheng-Wei Kuo; Chi-Farn Chen; Su-Chin Chen; Tun-Chi Yang; Chun-Wei Chen; 郭鎮維
-Chaotic Phenomena in Hydrology黃美君; Huang, Mei-Jiun-
-The Characteristics of Dip-Slope Landslides Induced by The Groundwater in Free-End Experiments陳樹群; 陳冠翰; 吳俊鋐; Su-Chin Chen; Kuan-Han Chen; Chun-Hung Wu
-The Classification and Energy Dissipation of Step-Pools Streams on Flume ExperimentChing-Ying Tsou; 鄒青穎; Su-Chin Chen; 陳樹群
-Debris Flow Non-rectilinear Motion Case Study to Reflect Hazard Zone Delimitation吳亭燁; 陳樹群; Ting-Yeh Wu; Su-Chin Chen
-Determination of Landslide Susceptibilities Using UAV-Borne RGB and NIR images: A Case Study of Shenmu Area in TaiwanYu-Shen Hsiao; Ta-Hsien Chung; Su-Chin Chen; Jung-Chieh Chang; 蕭宇伸; 莊大賢; 陳樹群; 張榮傑
-The Development Ratio of Watershed Based on Changed Surface RunoffHsin-Hui Huang; 黃心慧; Chung-Ming Wu; Su-Chin Chen; 巫仲明; 陳樹群-
-The Drag and Lift Forces for Riparian Grasses That are Deflected by Channel FlowJin-Fu Li; Kuei-Yuan Peng; Su-Chin Chen; 李津甫; 彭奎元; 陳樹群
-Eco-Environmental Construction of the Taichung Han-Chi Drainage with Integration of Public ParticipationYung-Chi Shih; Su-Chin Chen; Cheng-Wei Kuo; 石永祺; 陳樹群; 郭鎮維
-The Efficiency of Artificial Geo-Textiles for Hillslope Erosion Control陳樹群; Su-Chin Chen; 王士豪; 林俊岳; 陳駿豪; Shi-Hao Wang; Jun-Yue Lin; Chun-Hao Chen
-Establishing a Hillslope Failure Susceptibility Model Based on the Soil Water Index and Frequency Ratio MethodYi-Jun Liu; Su-Chin Chen; 劉宜君; 陳樹群
-Establishing an Assessment Model for the Resilient Capacity of Slopeland Communities-for Taichung and Nantou Counties王俞婷; Wang, Yu-Ting-
-Establishment of Landslide Susceptibility Early Warning Model in National Forest Areas Based on Geo-intrinsic and Hydro-extrinsic FactorsSu-Chin Chen; Chun-Yi Wu; 陳樹群; 吳俊毅
-Estimating the Concentration of Hyperconcentrated Flow by the Ultrasonicand Depth Sensor and the Submersible Pressure Transducers馬佩均; Ma, Pei-Chun-