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-Analysis of MITF expression and its downstream genes in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Su-Chin Chiu; Hsang-Yu Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Analysis of NGF expression and its biological role in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Te-Jen Su; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Expression of Microphthalamia-associated Transcription Factor (MITF) Suppresses Cancer Cell Invasion and Tumorigenesis in Lung CancerSung-Liang Yu; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Su-Chin Chiu; Hsuan-Yu Chen; Gee-Chen Chang; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Global Analysis of Gene Expression in Clarithromycin-treated Human Lung Adenocarcinoma CL1-5 Cells and Macrophage THP-1 Cells by MicroarrayHuei-Wen Chen; Jeremy JW Chen; Chuan-Ju Chou; Sung-Liang Yu; Yi-Chen Lin; Pei-Li Yao; Pan-Chyr Yang-
-HLJ1, a novel invasion/metastasis suppressor, regulates nucleophosmin translocation and functionTzu-Pei Chang; Sung-Liang Yu; Sheg-Yi Lin; Pan-Chyr Yang; Jeremy J.W. Chen
-HUVEC- cancer cells interaction increases cytoskeleton rearrangement, microvessel tubular formation and decreases apoptosis, and induces gene expression profile changes in HUVEC in non-small cell lung cancerAng Yuan; Yi-Fang Chen; Jeremy JW Chen; Sung-Liang Yu; Huei-Wen Chen; Hsuan-Yu Chen; Kwen-Tay Luh; Yung-Chie, Lee; Chong-Jen Yu; Pan-Chyr Yang-
-Microarray-identified gene signature predicts outcome and metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer patientsHsuan-Yu Chen; Sung-Liang Yu; Chun-Houh Chen; Wei-Jen Chen; Gee-Chen Chang; Chih-Yi Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang; Jeremy J.W. Chen
-The Role of PITX2B in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer黃宇涵; Huang, Yu-Han-
-探討YWHAZ與HLJ1蛋白在調控上皮-間葉細胞轉變與肺癌進程之角色陳靜嫻; Chen, Ching-Hsien-