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-The implications of Sino-Indian Doklam Standoff: Rethinking of India's Geopolitical EnvironmentSzu-Hsien Lee; 李思嫺
-Polar Controversy: Strategy and Statecraft among the Arctic statesYu-Tai Tsai; Szu-Hsien Lee; 蔡育岱; 李思嫺
-The Regionalism of International Security Studies: Introduction and Evaluation of the Theory DevelopmentMu-Min Che; Szu-Hsien Lee; 陳牧民; 李賜賢-
-The Tragedy of Globalization: Does Class Matter?李賜賢; Szu-Hsien Lee
-國際安全研究中的區域主義:理論與發展簡介與評估陳牧民; 李賜賢; Mu-Min Che; Szu-Hsien Lee