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-Different expression patterns of renal Na+/K+-ATPase α-isoform-like proteins between tilapia and milkfish following salinity challengesYang, Wen-Kai; Chung, Chang-Hung; Cheng, Hui Chen; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
-Microtubule-dependent changes in morphology and localization of chloride transport proteins in gill mitochondria-rich cells of the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusYang, Wen-Kai; Wu, Yu-Ching; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han; 楊文凱
-Salinity Effects on Strategies of Glycogen Utilization in Livers of Euryhaline Milkfish (Chanos chanos) under Hypothermal StressChang, Chia-Hao; 張家豪; Huang, Jian-Jun; Yeh, Chun-Yi; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Hwang, Lie-Yueh; Lee, Tsung-Han
-Transcriptomic Analysis of Metabolic Pathways in Milkfish That Respond to Salinity and Temperature ChangesHu, Yau-Chung; Kang, Chao-Kai; Tang, Cheng-Hao; Lee, Tsung-Han-
-廣鹽性硬骨魚類鰓上富含粒線體細胞其型態與氯離子調節功能之探討湯政豪; Tang, Cheng-Hao-