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-Adaptive Fuzzy Switched Swing-Up and Sliding Control for the Double-Pendulum-and-Cart SystemTao, C.W.; 陶金旭; Taur, J.; Chang, J.H.; Su, S.F.-
-An Approximation of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controllers Using Fuzzy Ratio Switching Type-1 Fuzzy ControllersTao, C.W.; Taur, J.; Chuang, C.C.; Chang, C.W.; Chang, Y.H.-
-Design of fuzzy controllers with adaptive rule insertionTao, C.W.; 陶金旭; Taur, J.-
-Iris recognition based on relative variation analysis with feature selectionTsai, C.C.; 陶金旭; Taur, J.; Tao, C.W.-
-Iris Recognition Using Possibilistic Fuzzy Matching on Local FeaturesTsai, C.C.; Lin, H.Y.; Taur, J.; Tao, C.W.-
-A posteriori multiresolution-based kernel orthogonal subspace technique for supervised texture segmentationLee, G.H.; 陶金旭; Hsieh, T.W.; Taur, J.; Tao, C.W.-
-Synergistic modeling and applications of hierarchical fuzzy neural networksKung, S.Y.; 陶金旭; Taur, J.; Lin, S.H.-