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-Anisotropic Physical and Mechanical Performance ofPF-impregnated Oriented Strand Board-
-Application of Nondestructive Methods to EvaluateMechanical Properties of 32-Year-Old Taiwan IncenseCedar (Calocedrus formosana) Wood-
-Characterization of the property changes of extruded wood–plastic composites during year round subtropical weatheringTe-Hsin Yang; Tsu-Hsien Yang; Wei-Cheng Chao; Shao-Yuan Leu
-Detection of acoustic velocity and electrical resistance tomographies for evaluation of peripheral-inner wood demarcation in urban royal palmsTe-Hsin Yang; Cheng-Jung Lin
-Effects of different thermal modification media on physical and mechanical properties of moso bambooTe-Hsin Yang; Chih-Hsuan Lee; Chia-Ju Lee; Ya-Wen Cheng; 楊德新
-Effects of Temperature and Duration of Heat Treatment on the Physical, Surface, and Mechanical Properties of Japanese Cedar WoodTe-Hsin Yang; Feng-Rong Chang; Cheng-Jung Lin; Feng-Cheng Chang; 楊德新
-Effects of thermal modification on the surface and chemical properties of moso bambooChih-Hsuan Lee; Te-Hsin Yang; Ya-Wen Cheng; Chia-Ju Lee
-Evaluation of ring characteristics of hardwoods by wounding window methodYun-Chih Chen; 陳昀芝
-三種熱處理介質對孟宗竹基本性質之影響李志璇; Lee, Chih-Hsuan-
-九種戶外用材之物理力學性質及其抗生物劣化性評估趙偉成; 鄭雅文; 林育群; 陳兪甯; 楊德新; Wei-Cheng Chao; Ya-Wen Cheng; Yu-Chun Lin; Yu-Ning Chen; Te-Hsin Yang
-創傷開窗法應用於闊葉樹年輪特徵之研究Yun-Chih Chen; 陳昀芝