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-Amorphous silicon nanocone array solar cellThiyagu, Subramani; Pei, Zingway; Jhong, Ming-Sian-
-An amorphous silicon random nanocone/polymer hybrid solar cellPei, Zingway; Thiyagu, Subramani; Jhong, Ming-Sian; Hsieh, Wei-Shang; Cheng, Shor-Jen; Ho, Min-Wei; Chen, Yu-Hung; Liu, Jun-Chin; Yeh, Chun-Ming-
-Study on the Al–P3HT:PCBM interfaces in electrical stressed polymer solar cell by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyPei, Zingway; Parvathy Devi, B.; Thiyagu, Subramani-
-Ultra high-density silicon nanowires for extremely low reflection in visible regimePei, Ting-Hang; Thiyagu, Subramani; Pei, Zingway