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-Analysis of carbon sequestration for coniferous, broadleaf and bamboo plantations based on the published dataChien-Yu Hung; Tian-Ming Yen; 洪千祐; 顏添明
-Analysis of the growth characteristics of stands and diameter classes for Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides) plantations based on two repeated survey data of permanent sample plotsZheng-Rong Lin; Chao-Huan Wang; Tian-Ming Yen; 林政融; 王兆桓; 顏添明
-Evaluations of crown characteristics and ability of carbon storage for juvenile plantations of Zelkova serrata and Fraxinus formosanaYu-Ping Lin; Tian-Ming Yen; 林郁評; 顏添明
-Predicting stand structure and carbon storage for ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus) and moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) plantations subjected to different management types in central TaiwanBai-Kuan Sun; Tian-Ming Yen; 孫百寬; 顏添明
-Public views on the value of forests in relation to forestation projects—Acase study in central TaiwanTsai-Jen Chuang; Tian-Ming Yen; 顏添明
-The roles of forest values and social trusts toward public's acceptance of afforestation policy—An illustration of Huisun Forest StationTsai-Jen Chuang; Tian-Ming Yen; 莊采蓁; 顏添明
-Visitors toward Afforestation Policy in Relation to Personal Values Based on LOV Scale-An Illustration of Green Spaces in Taichung City莊采蓁; 顏添明; Tsai-Jen Chuang; Tian-Ming Yen
-The Visitors toward Forest Functions and Their Environmental Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions at Xitou Nature Education Area.Yu-Jie Li; 李育潔
-Visitors' Cognition on Forest Issues and Environmental Attitudes in Forest Recreation Areas: The Case of Hsin-Hua and Hui-Sun Forest StationsWei-Yin Chang; 張瑋尹
-Visitors' Cognitions on Forest Functions and Nature Environmental Issues-A Case Study of Hsin-Hua Forest Station張瑋尹; 顏添明; Wei-Yin Chang; Tian-Ming Yen
-不同遊憩區域遊客對森林議題與環境態度認知之比較-以新化與惠蓀林場為例Wei-Yin Chang; Tian-Ming Yen; 張瑋尹; 顏添明
-人倫地區柳杉人工林生長競爭與樹冠空間分析研究陳敬儒; Chen, Jing-Ru-
-台灣樟樹人工林碳匯的動態變化李芮[糸畐]; Li, Jui-Fu-
-大安溪事業區林木經營區針葉樹人工林疏伐計畫之評估紀儀芝; Chi, Yi-Chih-
-大甲溪流域颱洪期間漂流木材積量推估模式之建立與攔截區位規劃之研究邵龍雨; Shao, Long-You-
-居民對社區林業政策之態度及其影響因子之探討-以松鶴部落為例杜雅竹; Ya-Jhu Du
-惠蓀林場森林景觀型態美質評估之研究劉景元; Liu, Jing-Yuan-
-應用GIS及多變量統計於惠蓀林場卡氏櫧與木荷潛在生育地之推估許浩銓; Shu, How-Chuan-
-應用生長模式模擬溪頭地區不同齡級紅檜人工林單木之直徑生長賴韻如; Yun-Ju Lai
-柳杉人工林樹冠特性及疏伐效益之研究─以人倫疏伐示範區為例陳淯婷; Chen, Yu-Ting-