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-An efficient error prevention and recovery scheme for multicast traffic in data center networksHsueh-Wen Tseng; Ting-Ting Yang; Wan-Chi Chang; Yu-Xiang Lan; 曾學文
-An Energy Efficient VM Management Scheme with Power-Law Characteristic in Video Streaming Data CentersHsueh-Wen Tseng; Ting-Ting Yang; Kai-Cheng Yang; Pei-Shan Chen; 曾學文
-台灣青壯年返鄉務農政策之評估:以彰化縣福興鄉酪農業為例楊婷婷; Ting-Ting Yang
-基於低功耗藍牙信標的行動行銷適地性廣播之改進楊婷婷 ; Ting-Ting Yang