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-Effect of temperature on energy loss and internal friction in nanocrystalline copper thin filmsWang, Yu-Ting; Tong, Chi-Jia; Shieh, Yun-Fu; Cheng, Ya-Chi; Hsieh, Fan-Chun; Lin, Ming-Tzer-
-Measurement of static and dynamic mechanical behavior of micro and nano-scale thin metal films: using micro-cantilever beam deflectionCheng, Ya-Chi; Tong, Chi-Jia; Lin, Ming-Tzer-
-The study of internal friction in nanocrystalline Ag and Au thin filmsHsu, Feng-Chih; Wang, Yu-Ting; Cheng, Ya-Chi; Tong, Chi-Jia; Lin, Ming-Tzer-
-以新式微拉伸設備量測次微米尺度材料機械性質童麒嘉; Tong, Chi-Jia-
-奈微米尺度金屬薄膜能量損耗機制之研究童麒嘉; Tong, Chi-Jia-