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-Residences with anomalous soil concentrations of dioxin-like compounds in two communities in Michigan, USA: A case studyFranzblau, A.; 張書奇; Demond, A.; Towey, T.; Adriaens, P.; Chang, S.C.; Luksemburg, W.; Maier, M.; Garabrant, D.; Gillespie, B.; Lepkowski, J.; Chang, C.W.; Chen, Q.X.; Hong, B.L.-
-Statistical comparison of residential soil concentrations of PCDDs, PCDFs, and PCBs from two communities in MichiganDemond, A.; 張書奇; Adriaens, P.; Towey, T.; Chang, S.C.; Hong, B.; Chen, Q.; Chang, C.W.; Franzblau, A.; Garabrant, D.; Gillespie, B.; Hedgeman, E.; Knutson, K.; Lee, C.Y.; Lepkowski, J.; Olson, K.; Ward, B.; Zwica, L.; Luksemburg, W.; Maiero, M.-