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-Analysis of effect of electrolyte types on electrokinetic energy conversion in nanoscale capillariesChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Tsai, K.Y.; Yeh, L.Y.-
-Diagnosis of Avian Tuberculosis in Swinhoe's Pheasants Using Conventional and Molecular-Based TechniquesHsieh, Y.C.; 劉宏仁; Tsai, K.Y.; Wang, C.Y.; Hung, C.N.; Tsai, S.S.; Liu, H.J.-
-Fabrication method of high-quality Ge nanocrystals on patterned Si substrates by local melting point controlChiu, C.W.; 孫允武; Liao, T.W.; Tsai, K.Y.; Wang, F.M.; Suen, Y.W.; Kuan, C.H.-
-Growth and characterization of ZnO films on (11-20) sapphire substrates by atomic layer deposition using DEZn and N2OYen, K.Y.; Liu, K.P.; Gong, J.R.; Tsai, K.Y.; Lyu, D.Y.; Lin, T.Y.; Ni, G.Y.; Jih, F.W.-