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-The design of RFID access control protocol using the strategy of indefinite-index and challenge-responseChen, Y.Y.; Tsai, M.L.; Jan, J.K.-
-Fabrication and Performance of Copper Phthalocyanine/Squaraine Dye/Perylene Composite with Bulk Heterojunctions by the Solution Blending ProcessChen, C.H.; Cheng, W.T.; Tsai, M.L.; Huang, K.T.-
-Honokiol Inhibits LPS-Induced Maturation and Inflammatory Response of Human Monocyte-Derived Dendritic CellsLi, C.Y.; Chao, L.K.; Wang, S.C.; Chang, H.Z.; Tsai, M.L.; Fang, S.H.; Liao, P.C.; Ho, C.L.; Chen, S.T.; Cheng, W.C.; Chiang, C.S.; Kuo, Y.H.; Hua, K.F.; Hsu, I.C.-
-Nitric oxide physiological responses and delivery mechanisms probed by water-soluble Roussin's red ester and {Fe(NO)(2)}(10) DNICChen, Y.J.; Ku, W.C.; Feng, L.T.; Tsai, M.L.; Hsieh, C.H.; Hsu, W.H.; Liaw, W.F.; Hung, C.H.-