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-Application of Tautomerism of Ferrocenyl Secondary Phosphine Oxides in Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling ReactionsJung, L.Y.; 洪豐裕; Tsai, S.H.; Hong, F.E.-
-Corrosion and tribological studies of chromium nitride coated on steel with an interlayer of electroplated chromiumHan, S.; 呂福興; Lin, J.H.; Tsai, S.H.; Chung, S.C.; Wang, D.Y.; Lu, F.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-The effect of Cr interlayer on the microstructure of CrN coatings on steelHan, S.; 呂福興; Lin, J.H.; Guo, X.J.; Tsai, S.H.; Su, Y.O.; Huang, J.H.; Lu, F.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-Effect of Helicobacter pylori infection on intragastric acidity in patients with reflux esophagitis陳全木; Tsai, S.H.; Chen, C.M.; Chang, C.S.; Chen, G.H.-
-In-situ Cu2O formation on amorphous carbon nanotubes induced by electron beamChiang, F.K.; 薛富盛; Tsai, S.H.; Shieu, F.S.; Shih, H.C.-
-Microfluidic flow switching design using volume of fluid modelChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Tsai, S.H.-
-Preparation and characterization of hyperbranched polyaspartimides from bismaleimides and triaminesLiu, Y.L.; 鄭如忠; Tsai, S.H.; Wu, C.S.; Jeng, R.J.-
-Synthesis and characterization of the aligned hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanotubes by electron cyclotron resonance excitationTsai, S.H.; 薛富盛; Chiang, F.K.; Tsai, T.G.; Shieu, F.S.; Shih, H.C.-