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-Comparison of solid-state-cultured and wood-cultured Antrodia camphorata in anti-inflammatory effects using NF-κB/luciferase inducible transgenic miceTung, Yu-Tang; Tsai, Tung-Chou; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Yen, Chih-Ching; Sun, Jheng-Yue; Chang, Wen-Hui; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Chen, Chuan-Mu-
-Differential Differences in Methylation Status of Putative Imprinted Genes among Cloned Swine GenomesShen, Chih-Jie; Winston, T.K.Cheng; Wu, Shinn-Chih; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Tsai, Tung-Chou; Yang, Shang-Hsun; Chen, Chuan-Mu-
-Effects of osteoporosis and nutrition supplements on structures and nanomechanical properties of bone tissueChang, Yuan-Ting; Chen, Chuan-Mu; Tu, Min-Yu; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Chang, Shou-Yi; Tsai, Tung-Chou; Wang, Ying-Ting; Hsiao, Hsiang-Long-
-Recombinant Derp5 allergen with αS1-casein signal peptide secreted in murine milk protects against dust mite allergen–induced airway inflammationLiu, Hsu-Chung; Pai, Shun-Yuan; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Lai, Cheng-Wei; Tsai, Tung-Chou; Cheng, Winston T.K.; Yang, Shang-Hsun; Chen, Chuan-Mu-
-正常鼠胚與複製鼠胚於不同胚胎發育階段的基因調控及甲基化修飾之探討蔡東州; Tsai, Tung-Chou-