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-Adiabatic runaway studies for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide with inorganic acids by vent sizing package 2Chen, J.R.; 林彥甫; Tseng, J.M.; Lin, Y.F.; Wang, S.Y.S.; Shu, C.M.-
-Comparison of thermal polymerization mechanisms for alpha-methylstyrene and trans-beta-methylstyreneLin, S.Y.; 林彥甫; Tseng, J.M.; Lin, Y.F.; Huang, W.T.; Shu, C.M.-
-Effect of different concentrations of acetone for the decomposition reactions of peroxyketal peroxidesLin, Y.F.; Lin, C.P.; Chen, L.Y.; Su, T.S.; Tseng, J.M.-
-Effects of acetone on methyl ethyl ketone peroxide runaway reactionLin, Y.F.; 林彥甫; Tseng, J.M.; Wu, T.C.; Shu, C.M.-
-Emergency response plan of chlorine gas for process plants in TaiwanTseng, J.M.; Liu, M.Y.; Chang, R.H.; Su, J.L.; Shu, C.M.-
-Evaluation of a tert-Butyl Peroxybenzoate Runaway Reaction by Five Kinetic ModelsTseng, J.M.; 林彥甫; Lin, Y.F.-
-Facilitative Production of an Antimicrobial Peptide Royalisin and Its Antibody via an Artificial Oil-Body SystemTseng, J.M.; Huang, J.R.; Huang, H.C.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Chou, W.M.; Peng, C.C.-
-Thermal hazard evaluation for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide mixed with inorganic acidsTseng, J.M.; Chang, R.H.; Horng, J.J.; Chang, M.K.; Shu, C.M.-
-Thermokinetic model simulations for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide contaminated with H2SO4 or NaOH by DSC and VSP2Chang, R.H.; 鄭紀民; Tseng, J.M.; Jehng, J.M.; Shu, C.M.; Hou, H.Y.-