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-Preparation of ITO/Ag nanohybrid particles by a reverse micellar layer-by-layer coatingFan, Jin-Wei; Tseng, Tzu-Tsung; Chen, Chun-Nan; Wei, Ming-Hsiung; Wenjea, J.Tseng-
-Refractory filler sands with core–shell composite structure for the taphole nozzle in slide-gate system of steel ladlesTseng, Tzu-Tsung; Wu, Hong-Mao; Chen, Chun-Nan; Cheng, Chia-Chin; Uan, Jun-Yen; Wu, Weite; Wenjea, J.Tseng-
-Synthesis, microstructure,andphotocatalysisofIn2O3 hollowparticlesTseng, Tzu-Tsung; Uan, Jun-Yen; Wenjea, J.Tseng-
-以植入模版法合成單一分散多孔殼層結構之In2O3中空微球及其光觸媒與氣體感測之研究曾子聰; Tseng, Tzu-Tsung-
-利用膠體模板合成氧化銅微球與溫度效應對粒徑影響之研究曾子聰; Tseng, Tzu-Tsung-