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-Intriguing Electrochemical Behavior of Free Base Porphyrins: Effect of Porphyrin-meso-Phenyl Interaction Controlled by Position of Substituents on meso-PhenylsTu, Y.J.; Cheng, H.C.; Chao, I.; Cho, C.R.; Chen, R.J.; Su, Y.O.-
-Redox Potential Inversion by Ionic Hydrogen Bonding between Phenylenediamines and PyridinesChung, Y.C.; Tu, Y.J.; Lu, S.H.; Hsu, W.C.; Chiu, K.Y.; Su, Y.O.-
-Treatment of complex heavy metal wastewater using a multi-staged ferrite processTu, Y.J.; Chang, C.K.; You, C.F.; Wang, S.L.-
-Unusual spectral and electrochemical properties of azobenzene-substituted porphyrinsChiu, K.Y.; Tu, Y.J.; Lee, C.J.; Yang, T.F.; Lai, L.L.; Chao, I.; Su, Y.O.-