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-(2003 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Decision Sciences Institute,p064-p066)The Performance Evaluation of E-Store Analysis in Terms of Balance ScorecardTzong-Ru Lee; Hsiu-Hsin Chung-
-(2004 International Korea-Taiwan Symposium,Korea Agricultural Economics Association,p256-p263)To Establish the Demand Forecast Model for the Weather Sensitive Agricultural ProductTzong-Ru Lee; Jing-Hung Lin-
-(3rd International Workshop on Supply Chain Management & Information System,Proceedings of SCMIS,p412-p419)Taiwanese Milk Supply Chain and Development StrategyTzong-Ru Lee; Huei-Ling Huang; Bing-Wen Huang-
-(The 8th International Conference on Global Business and Economic Development MANAGING BUSINESS IN A VOLATILE ENVIRONMENT:Balancing Local and Global Challenges,02:p1280)The Application of Quality Function Deployment Method to the Auction System of Taichung Wholesale Fish Market in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Ya-Chuan Lin; Shu-Hui Yan-
-(Advances in Web and Network Technologies,and Information Management:276-286)A User Study on the Adoption of Location Based ServicesShuchih Ernest Chang; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; Tzong-Ru Lee; Chun-Kuei Liao; Shiau-Ting Wang
-The Analysis and Application of Consumer-Oriented Marketing Concepts in Designing E-store's Functions: An Example of E-store in Selling Agricultural ProductsChung, Hsiu-Hsin; 鐘秀欣-
-Analyzing SCM on KSF for the Development of Original Brand Manufacturing--A Case Study of the Sewing Machine Industry in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Tsung-Yu Tuan; Man-Chen Liu-
-Apply Grey Analysis, Regression Analysis, and TRIZ to Develop the Strategies of the Medical Tourism Industry in Taiwan-From Japanese Consumer Viewpoint林千惠; Lin, Chien-Hui-
-Applying Process Management and Value Chain in Planning the Exhibition ActivitiesTzong-Ru Lee; Po-Yin Lin-
-Beyond SCM - Anti-Climate Change ManagementTzong-Ru Lee; Goran Svensson-
-The Corresponding Strategic Marketing Mix to the Relationships between National Culture and Customer ValueShiou-Yu Chen; Tzong-Ru Lee-
-Developing an Information System to Integrate the Manufacturing Firm and its Supplier Base to Reduce Nonconforming PartsPadiyar Abhishek; Sawhney Rapinder; Tzong-Ru Lee-
-An Easy Way to Get Forecasting Parameters in a Quick-Response Decision Support SystemTzong-Ru Lee; Jan-Mou Li; Jiun-Mung Liu; Tsai-Hua Kang-
-(Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,05(2):105-116)Key Factor in Forming an E-Marketplace: an Empirical AnalysisTzong-Ru Lee; Jan-Mou Lee-
-(Electronic Government:An International Journal,05(1):063-070)Agriculturcal E-Government in China,Korea,Taiwan and USATzong-Ru Lee; Hsiao-Chen Wu-
-Generating Customer Voice Based Quality Improvement Strategy for Logistics Service Providers in Taiwan from the perspective of Quality Function DevelopmentTzong-Ru Lee; Jiun-Hung Lin-
-(Handbook of Industry and Systems Engineering, p001-p012)ch33 Handbook of Industry and Systems EngineeringTzong-Ru Lee; Shing-Chi Chang-
-(Int. J. Electronic Customer Relationship Management,03(1):086-101)An examination of the codes of ethics artefacts in top Taiwanese companiesTzong-Ru Lee; G. Svensson; G. Wood; M. Callaghan
-(Int. J. Management and Decision Making,09(2):154-162)The Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for Supply Chain Decision Making: A Case Study of Original Brand Manufacturing of the Sewing Machine Industry in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Tsung-Yu Tuan; Man-Chen Liu
-(Int. J. Management and Enterprise Development,05(3):356-369)The Corresponding strategic marketing mix to the relationships between national culture and consumer valueShiou-Yu Chen; Tzong-Ru Lee