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-Dynamic response of an elastic fence under wind action方富民; Fang, F.M.; 翁駿民; Ueng, J.M.; Liu, C.Y.; Soong, P.S.-
-Experimental study on adjustable tuned mass damper to reduce floor vibration due to machineryChang, M.L.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.; Ueng, J.M.; Hsieh, K.H.; Wang, J.F.-
-Parametric identification of asymmetric buildings from earthquake response recordsLin, C.C.; 翁駿民; Hong, L.L.; Ueng, J.M.; Wu, K.C.; Wang, C.E.; 林其璋-
-Practical design issues of tuned mass dampers for torsionally coupled buildings under earthquake loadingsUeng, J.M.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.; Wang, J.F.-
-Seismic response reduction of irregular buildings using passive tuned mass dampersLin, C.C.; 翁駿民; Ueng, J.M.; Huang, T.C.; 林其璋-
-System identification of torsionally coupled buildingsUeng, J.M.; 林其璋; Lin, C.C.; Lin, P.L.-
-Vibration control identification of seismically excited m.d.o.f. structure-PTMD systemsLin, C.C.; 翁駿民; Wang, J.F.; Ueng, J.M.; 林其璋-