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-(J. Human Lactation, 16:028-035) The fatty acid composition of human milk in Northern NigeriaOkolo, S.N.; Vanderjagt, T.J.; Vu, T.; Vanderjagt, T.A.; VanderJagt, D.J.; Okonji, M.; Huang, Y.-S.; Chuang, L.-T.; Onwuanaku, C.; Glew, R.H.
-(Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and EFA, 65:147-156)Fatty acid composition of the milk lipids of Nepalese women: correlation between fatty acid composition of serum phospholipids and melting pointGlew, R.H.; Huang, Y.-S.; Vanderjagt, T.A.; Cheung, L.-T.; Bhatt, S.K.; Magnussen, M.A.; VanderJagt, D.J.