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-Effect of Bidens pilosa on infection and drug resistance of Eimeria in chickensW.C. Yang; Y.J. Tien; C.Y. Chung; Y.C. Chen; W.H. Chiou; S.Y. Hsu; H.Y. Liu; C.L. Liang; C.L.T. Chang-
-(J.Biomed.Sci.,12:079-089)The distinct effects of a butanol fraction of Bidens pilosa plant extract on the development of Th1-mediated diabetes and Th2-mediated airway inflammation in miceC.L.T.Chang; H.K.Kuo; S.L.Chang; Y.M.Chiang; T.H.Lee; W.M.Wu; L.F.Shyur; W.C. Yang-