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-Caveolin-1 Regulates gamma-Secretase-Mediated A beta PP Processing by Modulating Spatial Distribution of gamma-Secretase in MembraneKapoor, A.; Hsu, W.M.; Wang, B.J.; Wu, G.H.; Lin, T.Y.; Lee, S.J.; Yen, C.T.; Liang, S.M.; Liao, Y.F.-
-Error estimations of dry deposition velocities of air pollutants using bulk sea surface temperature under common assumptionsLan, Y.Y.; Tsuang, B.J.; Keenlyside, N.; Wang, S.L.; Chen, C.T.A.; Wang, B.J.; Liu, T.H.-
-Expression, Localization and Function of a cis-Prenyltransferase in the Tapetum and Microspores of Lily AnthersLiu, M.C.; 王國祥; Wang, B.J.; Huang, J.K.; Wang, C.S.-
-Poly(trimethylene teraphthalate) crystal structure and morphology in different length scalesWang, B.J.; Li, C.Y.; Hanzlicek, J.; Cheng, S.Z.D.; Geil, P.H.; Grebowicz, J.; Ho, R.M.-